Growing, having and nourishing a beard is a feeling in itself and it is absolutely great. For beard men, who have a long-lasting love with his beard, cannot afford to disregard his beard any more than he can disregard his career. If you have had a beard for a long time, you probably know those windy months can be an absolute struggle for beards. Things start to get even worse if you live in cold temperate regions. Due to the low humidity and freezing conditions, the health of your beard can be adversely affected.

It is probably that time of the year when winter hits and coincidentally you have decided to grow facial hair to sport a bearded look. December is the time when winter hits most regions of the world. Of course, there are countries which remain windy and freezing throughout the year. And with movements like No Shave November and Movember, it is really tempting for a newbie to grow a beard. And with each colder morning, you are certainly not in the mood to get up for shaving. All you want to do is snuck under your comforter and sleep.

For newbies, who have just started to grow a beard in winter, you must know that beard can be a great companion in cold season. Beard protects your skin from drying out and wind burns. Albeit, if the beard does not have good care during winter, the temperate conditions can be harsh on your facial hair and can dry out your beard.

Thus for people who already have awesome looking beards and for newbies who are looking forward to having a great beard, following are the few tips which can help you nurture and nourish your beard in times of winter. A little extra effort of care for beard and skin can definitely help to combat the drying effects of winter.

1. Less Shampoo More Conditioner

Using too much shampoo and harsh soaps during winter can strip your beard of the natural contents and oil in the beard. Shampoo and soap aren’t bad for the beard, but its overuse can and will definitely harm your beard by stripping the oil and turning it dry rather sooner than later. Avoid washing your beard daily with soap and shampoo. Though you can still do it at least 2 – 3 times a week. However to keep it clean and tidy, rinse your face and beard daily.

You can also replace your shampoo session by a good quality conditioner. Conditioner also gives you a soft and clean feeling. It is packed with natural contents and doesn’t strip off the oil that prevents beard from drying up. In other words, it doesn’t affect the health of your beard as much as a shampoo would do.

2. More Beard Oil and Beard Balm

Beard oil and beard balm help to keep the beard moisturized. Due to this, the beard does not dry up and the skin underneath beard is protected. Flaky skin, beard dandruff, and hair loss are amongst the most common problems faced by bearded men. All these issues can be dealt with a great quality beard oil and balm.

Its property to hydrate the beard avoids your skin drying up, which ultimately results in beard dandruff and hair loss.

Thus, regular use of beard oil and balm must be maintained to avoid such issues all-round the year, but especially in winter. If you think that the beard oil you have is too greasy, you can apply it during the night. Or you can simply look for alternatives that aren’t too greasy. There are plenty of products available on the market. Depending on the dryness of your beard, you can apply beard oil daily in the morning and once more during the night, if it is too dry and clumsy.

Beard balm is yet another cure that can avoid your beard from getting damaged during winter. You can use beard oil and beard balm on top of each other. Beard balm is a great product that helps the beard to maintain shape and style. It avoids the beard from getting messed up and tangled.

3. Less Hot Water More Cold Water

Yes, a shower in hot water is a great way to fight cold and winter. But too much of cleaning and beard exposure to hot water is not good for your beard health. Hot water deprives the skin underneath your beard with natural oils. Due to this, the beard will turn brittle, and the skin beneath will become flaky and dry.

For people who are wondering why they have beard dandruff, it is probably because you have exposed it to a lot of hot water. Also, the water that we use to have a shower contains hard minerals, which is not beneficial for the health of your beard. Do not let the water to sit on your beard after you take a shower. Make sure you dry it out completely.

If you let the water dry out itself, it will affect the moisturized contents of your beard and will lower your beard hydration level. Cleaning your beard with cold water can be a good way to prevent all of this, but fighting the cold with cold isn’t a good way, I suppose. Thus, the time when you are taking a shower, avoid hot water getting in touch with your beard. Yes, you can do clean it once or twice in a week with hot water, but do not do it regularly.

4. More Trimming and Cleaning

Trimming a beard regularly is a must for bearded men. If you want your beard to look good, classy and awesome, trimming it, is one of the important things that you must know and learn. I say learn because visiting your barber each week won’t be cost-effective and will certainly dig a hole in your pocket.

It is important to run the blades in one direction rather than going back and forth. Running the blades in one direction will prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs. A well-trimmed beard will certainly have more attention, than the one where hairs are grown all over the place and doesn’t have proper shape and style.

5. More Beard Brushing and Combing

Brushing and combing your beard has a galore of benefits. For one, it helps to keep your beard dirt free, tidy and in good shape. Also, brushing the facial hair after you apply beard oil is a good way to spread out the oil evenly on the beard. This will ensure hydration of beard throughout the region and no part of the beard will turn brittle and flaky.

You can brush and comb the facial hair anytime you want as much time you want. Though ensure that you use high-quality products, otherwise cheap and plastic quality combs and brushes will rip off a lot of facial hair.

6. Less Exposure to Snow and Rain

For people who live in snowy regions of the world, and someone who loves to hang out in the snow, it is better if you expose less of your beard to snow. Yes, the snow on your beard might be the right picture for your Instagram handle and will also get you a lot of appreciation, but it is definitely not good for the beard you worked so hard to attain. It can do serious damage to the condition and health of your beard. Your beard will turn brittle in no time and will be more prone to damage in the days to come by.

If your beard gets wet by rain and snow, try to wipe off the wetness as soon as possible. Otherwise, the beard will dry out and disturb the health of your facial hair. So if you are someone who likes to go out during snow, covering it with a scarf will be in the best of interest for your beards health and state.

Wrapping Up

There is no better disgrace than to let your beard fall victim to the cruel winter. After all, you have worked so hard to achieve the beard of yours and to let it get damaged by winter, is absolutely not acceptable. And in order for you to win the battle against the monstrous cold and windy climate, you must definitely follow all of the beard winter care tips mentioned above. And in no time, you will be able to achieve a lovely and well-moisturized skin underneath your beard. So fight your beard battle against the winter and keep your beard nourished and burgeoning.

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